This is why we’re out here. This show is why i work in this industry. Here is a storyteller showing a collision of fantasy, reality, and optimism. The wisdom and intelligence and style were all there in this show.

The good witch of punk fashion, Dame Vivienne Westwood, made a runway show that spoke visually about global warming, and the effects it is already starting to have on cultures around the world. She did it with innovation, she did it with panache, and she did it with passion for both the cause of sea level indigenous displacement and for making great clothes. What more could we ask for?

Venice and Maldives will be beneath waves soon, and this show was about that, and the other places around the world that will not be far behind. Here is the displacement, the upheaval, the oddity, and the quiet quest for scraps of dignity that are to come. This show was science fiction presented the way only a master fashion designer can make something live.

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